Paw happenings in the doggy world

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One of the scary and out of control times in a pet parent’s life is when our little ones get sick or need an operation. From the “simple” things like desexing to the more complex operations it is a time of nervousness and not knowing what to do during and after.

We all know the feeling after dropping our little ones off at our vets and driving away. The feeling that now it is out of our hands, not having control and the emptiness left to us because we don’t have our furkid/s with us. This is even though most of the time we are going off to work and they aren’t with us throughout the day anyway and most of the time we are going back to the vets at the end of our days to pick up our little bundles of joy.

When we pick up our little ones they are usually a bit groggy and a bit slower. If you are anything like me then our maternal or parental instincts kick in and all we want to do is protect them and baby them during their time of recovery. If I can I have any procedures done on a Friday so I can look after my furkids over the weekend to make sure they are ok. I have even taken a week off work in the past to look after my doggy after his desexing. But not everyone can do this (at the time I hated my job and I was extremely happy to take the time off).

But here is the kicker … your doggy will need care for a while longer than a weekend and if they have had a major operation e.g. hip replacement where they have to be kept quiet for a long time or they have medication they need throughout the day, what do you do with and for them when you have to go back to work?

We at THE HOUND HUTT can help you and your doggy. We offer post-operative care for our doggy’s who are recovering. So how does this work? We have a number of areas we can “hospitalise” your doggy to make sure they don’t overdo their activities or pull out their stitches or get their Elizabethan collars stuck on things and where we have our eyes on them all the time. We have our team that will spend quality time with your doggy to make sure they have the human company they need while they aren’t feeling well.

Really we are able to take the stress away for you of knowing what to do next. We currently have a doggy who is recovering from a hip replacement with us and she is doing really well. We have her relaxing and watching the doggys play and she enjoys lightly walking around and meeting them through the fencing. She has a sister with her and she is able to spend time with the other doggys playing and her sister. She is able to get out her energy so her sister can relax and not have to contend with a crazy doggy. When our daycare doggys go to sleep for their lunch our post-op doggy can enjoy the main play area and all of its smells under supervision so she doesn’t do too much.

On Monday we will have a lovely daycare doggy coming in for post-op care after her desexing operation that she is having on Friday. Her mummy doesn’t know how she will go with her stiches and collar so it gives her peace of mind to have her doggy with us so we can take care of her and by with her during the day while her mummy goes back to work. We have all been there.

All of our team are experienced in looking after post-operative doggys and we have a vet nurse on our team to make sure everything is going well. All you need to do is tell us what needs to happen for your doggy throughout the day and we will make it happen. Our passion is to make every experience for your doggy and family a great one including their recovery from surgery.

 If you need us then we are here and all you need to do is give us a call on 0401 338 761 and we will get your doggy booked in and on the road to recovery!